Stacey Rollins – Connecting Residential and Equestrian Communities to Ocala’s Downtown!

Stacey Rollins joined the team at Hudson Phillips Properties in Ocala in 2018, adding her 20 years of sales, marketing, event planning and hospitality industry expertise to our highly skilled team of real estate professionals.

Stacey left the cold winters of Iowa in 2005 to marry her husband and to relocate to the sunshine of Florida. She spent over a decade working in the hospitality industry in Florida at Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Sales Director capacities, increasing business travel sales, organizing conventions and event planning, all while focusing on client retention.

In 2015 Stacey parlayed these skills into a position at Adena Golf and Country Club as Director of Membership and New Development, managing the marketing, luxury brand creation and membership satisfaction. She was responsible for the upstart and opening phase of the luxury Golf Club in a competitive market. She earned her real estate license as her role for Adena required touring properties and fostering relationships with realtors, community developers and home builders.

When Matt Varney of Ocala Horse Properties interacted with Stacey on projects at Adena, he quickly identified her as a community member with an entrepreneurial spirit who acted with team members to ‘get the job done’.  Stacey continues to foster that energy in her role as a real estate professional at Hudson Phillips, remaining highly connected to emerging projects in the Ocala community.

Introducing Front Gate Ocala

Stacey’s energy and natural ability to connect members of the community is apparent through several projects that she’s currently developing. Her current labor of love, a marketing project aptly named Front Gate Ocala, is a print magazine targeted to real estate clientele who are interested in what rural and small city Ocala has to offer. The magazine, which is to be published once a year as a beautiful coffee table piece, is a vehicle for Stacey to remain at the forefront of new real estate projects in our region.

As Stacey notes, the premise of the magazine is centered around her blend of lifestyle and business in our region, which she has dubbed the ‘3 F’s’; Florida Living, Finest Homes and Family. Her drive to remain involved in emerging projects in Ocala, coupled with her background in the hotel and hospitality business, is how she became involved with the Downtown Hotel Project.

Downtown Hotel Project To Open February 2020!

Local Hoteliers Karan and Danny Gaekwad are leading the charge on their companies’ Downtown Hotel project, located at the old Chamber of Commerce Building, near the historic Downtown Square.  Karan Gaekwad has kept Stacey informed on the progress of the hotel development and what is in store for hotel patrons. The hotel plans to not only host out of town guests, but to take Ocala’s downtown restaurant and bar scene to a whole new level!

Stacey and Karan Gaekwad at the Downtown Hotel construction site.

Featured in the first edition of Front Gate Ocala will be details on the Downtown Hotel Project, which is nearing completion. Stacey has formed a relationship with Gaekwad Developments and Investments Group, taking it upon herself to visit the construction site throughout the project to keep tabs on the launch of this pivotal new hotel and restaurant offering.

The hotel has formally announced that the grand opening will be February of 2020. Envision a new downtown center, which will be much more than just a hotel. The hotel lobby will appeal to Marion County’s equestrian roots, featuring memorabilia such as regional photographs, horse show trophies and jockey silks. The space will be ope to the public, not just hotel clientele, and will boast a beautiful public market, offering “Flavors from Around the World” from approximately 10+ hand selected vendors.

In addition, an outside restaurateur will occupy the main dining space, and Stacey has been granted the exclusive to announce this information in the near future. On the second floor, there will be an amazing space for a bar with a large outdoor deck to accommodate over 200-300 customers, with live music every night. The celebrity bar staff, lead by famed mixologist Rob Floyd, featured on the reality show ‘Bar Rescue’, will spice up the downtown night life. Simply put, the 2nd floor balcony is one massive upscale party that Ocala has been craving. The new Downtown Ocala Hotel promises to be an exciting addition to Ocala’s growing cultural community!

Come Join Front Gate Ocala’s Launch Party December 11th!

In celebration of all the fascinating projects underway in Downtown Ocala and in the surrounding Marion County countryside, Stacey is hosting a Front Gate Ocala launch party on Wednesday 12/11/2019. The party will be hosted at The Taylor House, one of Downtown Ocala’s famous properties, showcased on the Historic Ocala Preservation Society’s Spring Heritage Tour.

Stacey and the team at Hudson Phillip’s and Ocala Horse Properties are looking forward to the fabulous community celebration, and we commend Stacey for launching Front Gate Ocala and remaining at the forefront of regional real estate development.

If you are interested in joining Stacey for this fantastic event, please contact her at [email protected] / 515-422-0135